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Historia de Juan Melendez

En el segmento radial semanal de Catholic Mobilizing Network, la perspectiva católica acerca de la pena de muerte y la justicia restaurativa, Juan Melendez comparte su historia de como fue detenido por mas de 17 años por un crimen que no cometió.



Foto principal por InkSm3ar.



Beauty Beyond Words and Images

Recently, I received an invitation to present my book of poetry, Mis Primeros Poemas, at a prestigious university. I was inclined to title my presentation, “Mis Primeros Poemas, a Reading in Post-Linguistic Hermeneutics.” My friend and colleague, who had invited me, dissuaded me from using such a sophisticated title, especially since the presentation was going to be geared to undergraduate students. What I aimed to accomplish with such a seeming highfalutin title for a poetry reading, was to present the idea that poetry, art, and beauty in general, transcend the spoken word.