Frankie’s YouTube Critters- 4

This week was a bit slow on the animal videos.  Maybe everyone is busy with back to school.  Enjoy this week’s videos!   Jumping Bulldog This French Bull dog puppy is so cute, he really does not need to do anything.  However,

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Catecismo en 3 Minutos- ¿Qué significa Que Dios es la Trinidad?

Gracias a Steffano Montano por introducirnos a estos videos.  La serie se llama El Catecismo en 3 Minutos. En este video responded a la pregunta- ¿Qué significa que Dios es la Trinidad?

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Reseñas Pastorales- A Commitment to Leadership

As the school year begins anew, many Grupos de Jóvenes commence their annual journey by planning their annual Retiro. In my experience, many Grupos work tirelessly to raise funds so they can provide this experience to as many Jóvenes as possible. This

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