El Tapiz Catequético de la Comunidad Hispana

Al referirme al tapiz catequético de la Comunidad Hispana, me refiero a que tenemos una gran gama de programas catequéticos que por hoy nos están ayudando a catequizar a los niños hispanos, sin embargo, nos estamos olvidando de ajustar una

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The Church and Her Mission

Most sacramental preparation gatherings begin the year discussing community.  Family is usually our first understanding of community. Being a member of a community is important because we innately long for intimate relationships. Where does this longing come from? This longing

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Latino Women´s Role in Family Faith Formation

The family is the cradle where the seed of the faith is planted and nurtured. In the Latino/Hispanic family, it has been the women in the family, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and godmothers, who have taken upon them the responsibility to

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