Popular Catholicism

Beautiful Animation on Día de los Muertos

This beautiful video captures the meaning of Día de los Muertos.  “On the Day of the Dead in a small village, bright balloons fly and firecrackers pop. Unfortunately for one little girl, there is only sadness at her recently deceased

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Sharing and Creating Traditions and Popular Piety

I have met many Grupos de Jóveness in my Pastoral life throughout the United States and I have seen the beautiful job they carry out in keeping Popular Expressions of Faith and Devotions alive in the many parishes they live.

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The Church in Procession: Hispanic/Latino Popular Devotions as an Ecclesial Model

As believers, we are called to understand the Church as Mystery.  Yet Mystery is something that cannot be fully explained or grasped.  To understand Mystery, we must draw on analogies afforded by our experience of the world.  Avery Dulles speaks

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