Changing Demographics

The 2010 U.S. Census indicated that U.S. Hispanics account for more than half of the nation’s growth in the past decade and the population grew by by 43%.1  What is interesting to note is that the states with the largest increase in the Hispanic population include Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina. The Hispanic population also more than doubled in Maryland and South Dakota (The map above highlights the general Hispanic presence in the U.S. from the 2010 Census of which we can estimate that 50-60% are Catholic). The Catholic Hispanic population accordingly continues to multiply and is projected to be the majority of Catholics in the United States by 2050. This is already the reality in some dioceses across the nation. One example is the Catholic population in the Diocese of Fresno which is estimated at 1.2 million Catholics, of which 75% are Hispanic. For some parishes, this happened over night and parish leaders are struggling to serve Hispanics without any formation or understanding of Hispanic Ministry and Theology. Across the nation we also see the response of the hierarchy to meet these needs through the recent appointments of Hispanic (Arch) Bishops in San Antonio, Detroit, and Los Angeles.

Our personal interest in serving a rapidly diversifying Church has driven us to ask the question, “Where can those who serve Hispanics in the U.S. dialogue about their experiences, their gifts, and their challenges?”“Where can we connect and support one another?”We have seen many blogs and websites, and Facebook pages that address Catholic interests, topics and groups, but where are the blogs about Hispanic Ministry in the U.S.? We have also visited many websites for national organizations, publishing companies, and universities that address Hispanic Ministry.Each has their own focus be it theology, formation, diocesan ministry, youth ministry, resources, etc. But they rarely come into dialogue.Why not create a centralized location where they all can come together, exchange ideas, debate and form community?

Welcome to U.S. Hispanic Ministry, a gathering space where we can meet and hear from those doing similar work. From leaders in the fields to theologians, we all experience the grace-filled mixture of blessings and challenges within the diverse realities of Hispanics in the U.S. Learn more about us.

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