Several of you have e-mailed us requesting that we provide a button that turns the front page to either English or Spanish. We thought a lot about how to present the front-page blog. We originally thought about including a button as suggested but because of technical issues we did not think it was the best way to go. Most important, since our mission is to serve the entire Church and to accompany all Hispanics in their lived contexts and languages, we wanted to ensure that we kept all languages mixed in the front-page since this is where most of the dialogue will take place.

Our experience of the manner in which Hispanic Ministry has been done in the past at events, meetings, and in some publications is that they are offered in one language and rarely do they come together. For those of you who participated at the Hispanic Ministry Convocation in Visalia, you were able to see the beauty and benefit of coming together and providing a bilingual experience- however uncomfortable it may be at times. In the future contributors will submit articles in English, Spanish and both languages as they may be recent immigrants, bilingual/bicultural Hispanics, English only Hispanics or non-Hispanics doing Hispanic Ministry. We appreciate all the feedback and we hope you keep the comments and suggestions coming!

Samantha from St. Catherine’s in Dinuba shares about the bilingual Convocation.