Today we are starting a new weekly post called Frankie’s YouTube Critters.  If you’re like me, you love animals and you can probably sit in front of the computer watching cat videos all day.  Since St. Francis is known as the Patron Saint of Animals, we thought we would dedicate these posts to St. Francis.  On Friday’s we will be highlighting the best animal videos of the week.  Here are our favorites for the week.  Enjoy!

Hungry Fox

In this video, a very curious and famished fox attempts to eat a GoPro Camera. I really appreciated seeing the inside of a Fox’s mouth.  I think this video would have been better if they used the song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?).


Close Encounter

These kayakers thought they would enjoy a peaceful time off the coast of Argentina.  They stopped to check out some whales at a distance, but that quickly changed into a close encounter.


Tired Seal Hangs out on a Boat

This cute baby seal must have been tired when it decided to hang out on boat.  It also was looking for a snuggle buddy.  I’m really jealous, I want to snuggle a seal!


Seal Goes Surfing

This seal wanted to join the fun and go surfing.  It also didn’t mind snuggling.  Who knew seals were snugglers?


Dog Passes out from Joy

This dog gets the meaning of Evangelii Gaudium.  Check out his reaction when he is reunited with his owner after a two year separation.


Anyone Can Play

This video reminds me of the importance of gratitude.  These amputee dogs do not let anything get in their way of having fun! Let’s remember that no matter what happens in our lives, we can still find joy and have fun!


Smartest Mouse on the Planet

This cute little mouse has learned the secret to being let inside a door.  My cat meows loudly, how can I get her to be this polite?


Sneaky Lion

At first I was kind of worried for these dogs.  But then I quickly realized they’re just buds messing around.


Bear Saves Drowning Bird

Most of us thought this bear was going to have this crow for lunch.  But we were pleasantly surprised when this altruistic bear saved the drowning bird.  Frankie would be proud!


See ya next Friday for more of Frankie’s YouTube Critters.

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