In this post you will find the best animal videos of the week. Let us know which one is your favorite or share your own below.


When Pigs Surf

Last week, we witnessed a seal who joined surfers.  This week, we find Kama the surfing pig.  He’s amazing!

Cattle Seranade

Cattle+Trombone+Lorde= awesome! I love watching them gather around him while they are serenaded.  They look like groupies. “We will never be Royals!”


Cat’s Water Bottle

Joey the cat is very unusual.  Most cats run away from a spray bottle.  This guy loves it and it’s adorable.


100 Fruits and Vegetables on a Dog’s head

I feel sorry for this dog.  He obviously doesn’t like this.  But I can’t look away.


Dog Tries to Save Fish

Last week a bear saved a bird.  This week, an altruistic dog tries so hard to save these fish.  Such an amazing creature!


Lena Loves to take shower

This rottweiler loves showers, who doesn’t? Lets hope she doesn’t live in California, we have a serious drought problem.  Conserve water!!


See ya next week!!

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