Watch the best animal videos of the week.  Make sure to watch the last one, it’s worth it.

Shark Cat and Shark Baby

A cat dressed like a shark rides a Roomba while entertaining a baby dressed like shark.  Very cute!

Cat Lulling Baby

It seems like this week’s theme is cats and babies.  I’m not sure I would let a cat be that close to a baby. However,  I know that kneading is a very affectionate gesture and  love it when my cat does it.  What’s so wonderful about this video is the baby’s reaction.  It seems to calm and lull him to sleep.


Cat Opens Door

I know how smart cats are.  They always amaze me with their skills and acrobatics.  Mulder the cat can open doors even when his owner creates barriers.  Nothing is stopping this cat!


Seal Concern

Seals are quickly becoming one of my favorite animals.  There is so much joy in watching this seal play with this little girl but the best part is the seal’s reaction when the little girl falls down.

Dog Gets a Massage

One word- Jealous.


French Bulldog Can’t Reach His Ball

This poor guy tries so hard to reach his ball.  Please give him his ball already!

Dog Blows Bubbles

As summer draws to an end, what better way to end it than with a dog blowing bubbles under water.

Vaseline Revenge

When a a squirrel began to raid a bird feeder, the owners decided to use a little vaseline to thwart the culprit.  What ensues is one of the funniest animal videos I have ever seen.  I laughed so hard.  This is a video to bookmark and save for one of those really bad days.  This definitely makes my top 10.