Our response to the call of the spirit moving towards V Encuentro National Hispanic/Latino Ministry, has been a great blessing for us as we develop our diocesan ministries and walk courageously united, especially with our youth!

Through the process designed in Encuentro for Hispanic/Latina Ministry, our Bishops call upon the people to raise their prophetic voice, discern the priorities and strategize the pastoral needs in our community not only for them to become a reality, but to be shared amongst the young Latinos beginning their pastoral works.

Leaders and Lay ministers from Episcopal Region IV ((Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia) gathered on July 9 and 10, 2015, to initiate a preparation process towards V Encuentro that will be held in Dallas, Texas in 2018, with the principle goal of integrating the youth of our church through action and missionary presence. In this way, it will become a key instrument to evaluate the growth and new challenges that face many in Catholic Hispanic Ministry in the United States. We have appointed Nanny Vega from Youth Ministry, Miguelina Cruz from the Diocesan Council and Herman Cristóbal to ensure a good and strong representation from the Diocese of Wilmington.

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