Today I am highlighting an app in Spanish that can be used as a resource for Pastoral Hispana.

mzl.xlryofil.466x466-75El Juego Católico is a translated app that offers trivia questions about our Catholic faith.  The app presents you with 20 questions in Spanish and multiple-choice answers.  There are a total of 500 questions that cover the following areas- history and tradition, bible, Dogma and Theology, Persons and Paces, and Rites, Objects and the Mass.  You have 30 seconds to respond to each question and if you get it right, you get a thumbs up from the Pope (Pope Emeritus, as the app has not been updated with Pope Francis).  If you run out of time, a Msgr. with a time clock appears and if you answer incorrectly, an angry nun with a ruler appears, which is very amusing.  This app can be a great activity for groups, but I’m not sure if all the questions would be appropriate for youth groups as some of the questions, especially the history ones, are quite advanced.  It is also a great personal learning tool as you can test your own knowledge and learn about our Catholic Tradition. The app is available in iOs version and I have not been able to find an Android version.  Click Here for the English Version.

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