The most useful apps available for those of us in ministry are those providing information about special feast and Saints.   I especially like the app called Catholic Calendar, although it is not available in Spanish.  You can select your country (except Latin American countries) and you will get daily information about today.  It is available in Android and iOS version.  If the day happens to be a special feast, you will get information about the feast or the History of the Saint we celebrate on this day.  You can also select the daily readings for Mass, the Order of the Mass, and the Liturgy of the hours.  Again, wish it was also in Spanish but it is a handy little tool that I have used for prayer to start meetings.




I also looked into the free Santoral app, which is available in Spanish in iOS but was a bit disappointed since it only lists the Saint of the Day.  No information or history is provided about the Saint and I wish it included the daily readings like the one above.  Sorry, but no Android version is available.  This app allows you to search for Saints by name or date.  One cool feature is that when you press the share button, it automatically creates an e-mail or text to wish your family and friends a Happy Feast Day (Día de tu Santo).  I’ll keep searching for the perfect app that includes the features I like and is also available in Spanish, or maybe these app creators will update their apps.