Most sacramental preparation gatherings begin the year discussing community.  Family is usually our first understanding of community. Being a member of a community is important because we innately long for intimate relationships. Where does this longing come from? This longing comes from God. God is not an isolated God, but a God who is also a member of a family—the Holy Trinity. If God is a member of a community, why wouldn’t God want us to be a member of a community?  This is how the Church began.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit also had major parts in the creation of the Church. While there were other leaders and prophets who came before Jesus, their job was only to prepare humanity for Jesus, God incarnated. Through Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection we come to know our purpose on earth. Jesus shows us we are not a mere coincidence of nature or an insignificant planet in the universe. We were created out of love. Each person and all of creation individually handcrafted by a loving Creator, who we will return to when our time on earth ends.

Through the sacraments of initiation a person becomes a full member of the Church.  These and all the sacraments of the Church allow the Holy Spirit to help us live out Jesus’ same mission, which is to love and serve.

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