I just published a few PDF books for Catechists. We have many books planned for the coming months. Some will be free others will be available for a small purchase. Our PDF-books utilize a contextual approach and the methodology of see-judge-act used for over 40 years by Hispanic Pastoral leaders in the United States. Although our E-books are developed for a U.S. Hispanic/Latino context, the methodology ensures that they can be applied to any context. Our e-books incorporate developmental theories and highlight the 8 styles of learning (i.e. visual, aural, verbal, physical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, social, logical and naturalistic).  We offer condensed, easy to use E-books that provide quick “how-to” guides for the very busy pastoral agent/volunteer. Each E-book can contain check-off lists or tables that offer clarity to help you stay organized!  Let us know what you think or let us know if there are any topics you want us to write about.  

Preparing for your faith formation class.001


10 Ways to Prepare for your Faith Formation Class

In just 10 Simple Steps

As a catechist, sometimes it’s difficult to stay organized or plan ahead.  This is especially true if we are new to teaching the Faith and/or if we already have many responsibilities at home, school, or work.  In this brief 12 page PDF book, you will find a useful organizational tool for preparing for your Faith Formation class.





15 Things Every Catechist Should Know


15 Things Every Catechist Should Know

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show catechists 15 important aspects of being a catechist.  The 43 page PDF book is great for new catechists, DRE’s who are training new catechists, and anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of their vocation as a catechist.